Shipping Policy

The majority of our items will be shipped for free through Fedex Ground or USPS Priority Mail. Small items ship for free through USPS to the US and its territories, while medium to large items will have a shipping fee for locations outside of the continental US. The service used will be dependent on the size and weight of the item, and the location of the buyer. Occasionally items will have a fixed shipping cost, in which case, these items will ship through Fedex ground, unless they are a freight shipment, which will be specified in the ad. All items will ship out within one business day from the time that payment order is placed. All orders will receive a tracking number once shipped, through email, as well as in the order details page on your account.


Orders of $499 and above will automatically have signature service applied. If you specifically need signature service added or removed, please contact us before purchasing. 


Shipping Damage (USPS and Fedex Ground)

While we make every effort to package every item as safely as possible, occasionally a package may still get lost or damaged by the shipping company. If an item is delayed beyond the expected delivery date, please contact the shipping provider with your tracking to receive an update on your item. If any issues with finding your package still persist, please contact us so that we may assist in the situation. For any packages that arrive damaged, we must be notified within 48 hours of delivery, or shipping damage claims may not be valid. For all damaged packages, we will need to file a claim with the corresponding shipping company. For a shipping damage claim to be processed and a refund delivered, we will need cooperation from the customer in supplying a detailed damage description and photos, or the shipping claim may be delayed or denied by the carrier. We ask that in the case of a damaged item, please do not discard any of the package contents including the packaging material, until we have finalized the claim, since photos of the package content will be needed.


Freight shipping

All of our freight shipments are through Fedex Freight and will ship within one business day from when the order is placed. Please refer to the shipping details within the ad description for the freight shipping details for that specific item. For all freight shipments, the buyer must inspect the item before signing for it. In the event that there is any damage to your shipment, the driver must be notified so that he/she can note the damage in their system. If the damage is minor and the item is still usable, such as a broken accessory on an engine, or a small dent on a body part that is being repainted, have the driver note the damage on the shipping form before you sign for it, and then contact us immediately to help you resolve the issue. If there is major damage that would render the item unusable, then the buyer would need to refuse the shipment to have them send the item back to us. Very rarely does Fedex Freight process a damage claim for an item if it is not noted while it is being delivered, so if there is any shipping damage to the item, it is your responsibility to acknowledge it while the driver is present. Once a freight shipment is signed for, you are stating that it arrived safely and it will no longer be eligible for any shipping damage claims.


Local Pickup 

All items can be picked up at our warehouse in Orlando Florida, address and hours at this link. Florida sales tax will apply.  The cardholder for the order must be present with ID during the pickup. For local pickup orders, after 14 days from when the order is placed, it will no longer be eligible for cancellation. 


International Shipping

Unfortunately, we are not offering international shipping at this time. We are currently in the process of being able to implement this feature into our site to be able to provide a smooth checkout process for international customers in the future. In the meantime, buyers outside of the US may choose to have their items shipped to a third-party forwarding company that will then re-ship it to their specific country. If using one of these forwarding companies please make sure they inspect the package for any damage or missing items before they reship it to you. We insure the package to the freight forwarding company's location, but not beyond that point, so it is also advised that shipping insurance is purchased for the second part of the shipping process. Redline Auto Parts will not be held liable for shipping damage and/or missing items once the item leaves the forwarding company.


Expedited Shipping

All of our standard shipping options are either Fedex Ground, Fedex Freight, or USPS Priority mail. Expedited shipping is available at extra cost, please contact us before placing your order for available options. All orders with expedited shipping will still need to be placed by 12pm EST to be able to ship out same day. Please note that the buyer is responsible for any expedited shipping cost. In the case of a return, that cost will not be refunded.