The Redline Difference


What is "The Redline Difference"?? It's a series of differentiating factors that set us apart from "the other guys". What does that mean for you? It means that, when coupled together, you get the very best used parts buying experience in the industry. Below are just a few of the factors that contribute to your overall satisfaction.


Quality dsc-0233.jpg

 It starts with the cars we purchase, we focus on vehicles from insurance auctions that appear to be well maintained and that we can get running and driving. We fully test and inspect everything on those vehicles before, during and after dismantling. We run test and compression check every engine we sell, and perform leak-down tests on higher value ones as well. We even check every single wheel on our wheel balancer to see if they are out of round or have any bends. After the parts get cleaned, pictured and listed we have methods of ensuring that they stay in good condition while in inventory. This assures that the parts arrive to you in the exact same condition that you saw on our listing. 



It's all in the details dsc-0326.jpg

It all starts when the car comes in to be dismantled, we thoroughly inspect each car and each of its components, noting any abnormalities along the way. This information then gets used to determine if a particular part will be sold as fully working, for parts or needing repair, or not sold at all. We then take detailed pictures showing all of the the parts' imperfections, and write detailed descriptions outlining all flaws, big or small. We also provide detailed compatibility so that you know if a certain part fits your particular car.






We understand how frustrating it can be to receive a part that was not as described or not working as expected, so we operate with full disclosure. This means full disclosure on parts that were not working correctly, or ones that we were not able to test. These parts get sold for less, fully disclosed, so that the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing, or they are simply discarded. We would rather take a financial loss than risk having the buyer receive a non-satisfactory part. 


Knowledge of Cars

We pride ourselves in knowing the cars we sell parts for and the customers we serve. It started with being experts in first and second generation Mazda Miatas, to being the only company that sells parts for all four Miata generations, and it continues on with all of our other lines of cars. We only sell parts for cars that we have personal experience with and/or have researched intensively. That gives us the knowledge to know which car specific things to look for, such as crank pulley wobble on 1990-2005 Miatas, IMS bearings in Porsche engines, Vanos and SMG specific issues in E46 M3's, etc. 


Ease of use

We believe that finding and purchasing used parts for your vehicle should not be a difficult or time-consuming task. This is why we have shipping methods figured out for each specific part we sell, and provide clear shipping methods for each one. Need a quote for shipping for an engine on a Saturday night? Not a problem, no need to wait till Monday to call someone, just add the item to your cart and get an accurate quote without having to input a ton of information. If you decide to make the purchase, our easy to use one-page checkout will have you all set in a matter of minutes. 


Shipping dsc-0171.jpg

Once you decide to make that purchase, rest assured, we've got shipping figured out. Chances are we've shipped that same part many times before, so it will be packed in a way that ensures that it arrives to you without damage. We ship most items purchased before 12PM EST that same day, so it will arrive in a quick timeframe. Freight shipping, surely that must be more difficult or take longer, right? It is more difficult, but not to worry, we've got that figured out as well. We have unique, proven methods of palletizing engines, hoods, doors etc to prevent shipping damage, and all the materials on hand to make it happen in a quick manner. 



Technology dsc-0357.jpg

We use technology in various ways in our daily operations to make sure your experience with us is a positive one. We start with using proprietary vehicle-specific digital checklists that facilitate getting important condition information from vehicle inspection, dismantling, and cleaning to the listing associate who ultimately lists those parts on our site. Our website, barcode inventory system, and shipping software are all fully integrated with each other to ensure two things: that your order is correct and that it can be shipped out as quickly as possible. 




Clean parts dsc-0094.jpg

We thoroughly clean all of our parts before listing them on our website. Why? Because who wants to open up a package and get their hands filthy with their new(to them) parts? We also do it so that we can catch any imperfections before the parts get pictured and listed for sale. We use environmentally friendly methods to achieve this goal, at the same time ensuring that we exceed compliance standards with local and federal regulations. 





Last, but certainly not least, is value. The used auto parts industry exists because of the high cost of new parts, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all used parts are a good value. Sometimes the price may be right, but if the seller never bothered to test that part, describe it accurately, package it properly, or ship it quickly, the value proposition is greatly reduced. With this focus in mind, we strive to provide the best value in the industry so that you can get the most for your money and you can get your enthusiast car either back on the road, performing better or looking better as quickly as possible!