Privacy Policy


Redline Auto Parts is Committed to Protecting your Privacy!

At Redline Auto Parts, we understand that when you’re shopping online, your privacy is important to you. We strive to keep your information secure and protected. Please read below to see how your information is collected, and how we use that information to enhance your shopping experience, but most importantly how we protect it.


What Information is Collected?

 -Provided Information

  • We collect information that you provided to us through our website, email, or other means. This is generally through, but not limited to placing orders, creating an account, emails, contact us forms, and telephone calls. This information includes may include name, address, phone numbers, email, payment info etc.

 -Web Usage/Logistics/Cookies

  • Just like most of the sites that you use everyday, our website analyzes how and why our customers visit our site. This is done mostly through the use of IP addresses and cookies to analyze what our aspects of our website customers are viewing, as well as logistical information such as time or geographical locations.


How This Information is Used

-Optimizing Website Usage for Returning Customers

  • By registering an account, you can have smoother future experiences on our site by having faster checkout, access to previous orders, and access to account holder specifics such as promotions and coupon codes.

  • Once an account is registered or an order is placed, you will receive emails such as order confirmations, special promotions, or announcements featuring new items or upcoming sales. You will have options to opt out of any promotional emails, via the unsubscribe link on every promotional email we send.


  • Cookies are commonly used on our website as well as most of the web sites that you use. They are small files or packets on your computer which give information to the web pages that you are visiting on the type of products or pages that you search for. We use these to further enhance your shopping experience by tailoring certain aspects of our site to suit your needs. Such as if you spend most of your time on our site looking for Mazda Miata parts, then the items that are most visible and suggested to you, will focus more on Miata parts. Also cookies may be used for auto-fill features such as shipping information at checkout.  If you do not want to use this feature, then cookies may be turned off in your web browser.

How is Your Information Protected

 -Protection of Stored Information

  • All stored information such as emails, passwords, addresses, etc. is protected through SSL encryption and other secured technologies. Only limited authorized personnel will be able to view any of your stored information. Any time that payment info is requested, it will be in an encrypted and secure SSL session. When your payment info is inputed, we do not have access to or store your card number, account info, or any other sensitive information as well as we are fully compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

 -Third Party Soliciting

  • We do not sell or solicit any of your information to unknown third parties. Your information will only be used with the secured third party services that are in partnership with our website such as, but not limited to, email services, payment processing, security and encryption services, web hosting partner, and shipping companies. These services do not have full access to your information, only what is necessary for the services that they provide.


Third Party Links

 -Links for Third Party Sites

  • Occasionally on our site, we may have links that send you to third party sites, such as a manufacturer's site for aftermarket parts or links to youtube to show an engine running. By visiting any third party link, our privacy policy is no longer in effect and we are not liable or responsible for content or privacy related issues with that site. Please view that sites specific privacy policy before proceeding.


 -By continuing usage of our site, you are consenting to allow us to collect and use you information as stated in our policy privacy. The privacy policy may be updated or edited to further improve our customer experience and security. Please reference below for the last update on this policy.

This policy is effective as of January 1st, 2018. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.