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Restomod: 1995 Miata M-Edition (Part 2)

Restomod: 1995 Miata M-Edition (Part 2)

Posted by Esteban R on Feb 5th 2019

Welcome back to Part Two of this build! In this update, we've got a couple big tasks accomplished:

#1) Rebuilt Title

We've taken the necessary steps to get the Florida DMV to inspect the 95 M Edition, and issue it a Florida Rebuilt Title. This step was critical because it means that the car can now be legally registered to drive on public roads, in any state in the U.S. The reason why we chose to do this step before completing any more work on the car is because we didn't want any issues to pop up post-rebuild that would prevent us from obtaining the rebuilt title later on. With this step out of the way, we're able to start disassembling the car completely, in preparation for the body shop and to get it ready to mate up to its new drivetrain. 

#2) Dismantling the Donor Car

The 2000 Special Edition Miata donor car is now fully disassembled. The entire drivetrain is still intact as a rolling "rollerskate", while the rest of the car has been harvested for parts. All parts that are not being used in the 1995 Miata are up for sale and all of the very clean hardware that held the car together was retained for use when we reassemble the M-Edition. In addition, the 2005 Mazdaspeed Miata that is supplying the spindles, front upper control arms, sport brakes, sway bars etc, has also been fully dismantled. 

What's Next?

Next up will be the methodical disassembly of the M-Edition, making sure we separate what stays, whats goes, and what will need refinishing prior to reassembly. As we do this, we'll also be tackling a couple common Miata issues, to ensure that this car is at 100% working condition when we are done. 

Part 2 Video:

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